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7th Episode of CupCakes for the Tribe – the Podcast

June 10, 2012

Episode 7 – Publish Date: July 5, 2008 Listen

In this episode:

Kerry gets the hot ticket to the Craft Brewer’s Conference and Expo in San Diego and makes a beeline for the trade show floor to sample some truly outstanding hand-crafted micro-brews and report on what’s happening in the industry. Ted Rice from the Chama River Brewing Co. in Albuquerque talks hop prices to bio fuel in an interview from the Conference. CupCakes For The Tribe also visits the celebrity blogs of Thomas Dolby, Anna Kournikova and William Shatner to see what they’re blah-blah blogging away about. Then the cast explores what sorghum is – and can you use it to make beer and bio fuel? What’s It Mean reviews & defines slang terms.

What’s It Mean – Slang Terms Defined
In this episode:

• Bromance

• Irregardless

• Parked in Goofy

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