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8th Episode of CupCakes for the Tribe – the Podcast

June 26, 2012

Episode 8 – Publish Date: July 27, 2008 Listen

In this episode:

The mastermind behind the show that was a precursor to modern day reality TV, Robin Leach, is on the phone talking about Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Robin globe trotted for 14-years wowing audiences with the mind-boggling wealth and extravagances of the super rich and famous and he shares some great stories with CupCakes. Then it’s on to two utterly fabulous and quite unusual cookbook finds, “White Trash Cooking” and “Manifold Destiny”. The first cookbook features old-school/backwoods Southern dishes, some of them quite unusual, and the other cookbook gives instructions for dishes that can be prepared – get this – under the hood of your car! And everyone knows that James Bond was always armed with the coolest of gadgets. There are many techno-wiz type devices on the market these days and CFTT shares a few of them. What’s It Mean defines slang terms including one from George Carlin.

What’s It Mean – Slang Terms Defined In this episode:

• Meter High Club

• Thumb Lashing

• Frisbeetarianism

Music – Jason –

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