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Inaugural Episode of CupCakes for the Tribe

April 8, 2012

Episode 1 – Publish Date: Nov. 2, 2007 Listen

Inaugural episode of CupCakes For the Tribe.

This is the inaugural podcast of CupCakes For The Tribe. Up and running, the podcast includes some regular features – What’s It Mean (help with slang terms) and interviews – for this episode it’s Frank Portman, first-time author of the high school tale called “King Dork”. Plus the podcast runs down a day’s worth of calories and how they’re burned off, even while sleeping. There’s a story on celebrity cars (Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Billy Crystal, David Beckham) and urban legends. Always striving to bring you a variety of interesting takes on the world around us – Thanks for listening to CupCakes For The Tribe!

What’s It Mean – Slang Terms Defined

In this episode:

• Man Stand

• Sub-Woofing

• Break the Seal

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