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4th Episode of CupCakes for the Tribe – the Podcast

May 19, 2012

Episode 4 – Publish Date: March 19, 2008 Listen

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In this episode:
What do Cary Grant, Freddie Mercury, Lauren Bacall, Pink, Ron Artest, Jr. and Elvis Costello all have in common? They’re among the movie, sports and music celebrities who made the switch, leaving behind their real names for far more glamorous sounding ones. And do casseroles conjure up fond memories of your Mom raking the shag rug while that deep-dish delight was cooking away in the harvest gold (or avocado green) oven? People definitely take sides when it comes to casseroles and you’ll be treated to a highly random, completely non-scientific sampling of love/hate responses for this American staple followed by an interview on the subject with Emily Brune from Things wrap up with a regular installment of What’s It Mean, (slang terms defined). Always aiming to completely distract you – have a listen to episode 4 of CupCakes For The Tribe.

What’s It Mean – Slang Terms Defined

In this episode:

• Attachment Disorder

• Electile Dysfunction

• Reverse Telecommuting



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