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3rd Episode of CupCakes for the Tribe – the Podcast

May 2, 2012

Episode 3 – Publish Date: January 26, 2008 Listen

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In this episode:
The podcast starts out with a side by side comparison of two American icons – Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett. CupCakes For The Tribe sorts through the similarities of the empires they have each built up over their lifetimes. And CFTT has one of the all-time premier home brewers on the phone – Charlie Papazian of the Association of Brewers and author of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. This guy knows his suds! From “dump & stir” to double bocks (doppelbocks), Charlie talks about what it takes to start brewing your own beer and some of the styles he’s made. And the cast winds up with a few slang definitions in the What’s It Mean segment and a rundown of some Simpsons trivia. Doh!

What’s It Mean – Slang Terms Defined

In this episode:

• Nab Jones

• Urban Amish

• Bo Duke It

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